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Níže najdete některé pozvánky na letní školy v zahraničí. Tento seznam není úplný. Zahraniční univerzity v některých případech nabízejí studentům partnerských univerzit odpuštění nebo snížení poplatku za letní školu.

O finanční podporu letních škol lze žádat přes Podporu internacionalizace na UK.

Další nabídky letních škol najdete na stránkách RUK a portálu Summer schools in Europe.

Největší množství pozvánek na letní školy se zpravidla začíná objevovat během února - května.

Utrecht Summer School - ONLINE

Utrecht Summer School offers 200 courses in a variety of fields and disciplines during the summer of 2020. The summer school provides dozens of courses geared towards humanities - among them, courses on aspects of art history, anthropology, linguistics, and other relevant topics are provided. The course offering is published on the Utrech Summer School website, along with all relevant information regarding applications, housing, and other practicalities.

The summer courses are offered at various price points, durations, and academic levels. Please note that no scholarships, grants or tuition waivers are available.​

Kosovo International Summer Academy 2020

This July (12 – 22) and August (12 – 22), the Kosovo International Summer Academy (KSA) will organize Part I and Part II of its 8th edition in Prishtina, Kosovo. Applicants can apply and attend only one of the sessions. The special focus of the summer schools will be on “Peace building in post-conflict areas – Diplomacy, Leadership and Negotiations” and will be realized by the Kosovo Center for Diplomacy. Throughout your study-abroad experience in Kosovo you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of excursions and cultural activities.

Undergraduate, graduate and post graduate students as well as young professionals are eligible to apply. Applicants must be born in 1986 and afterward and must be in good academic standing.

Relevant deadlines and additional information can be found on the KSA official website.

Summer Schools 2020 at University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)

The University of Milano-Bicocca is organizing several programs during the summer of 2020, offering new and exciting summer courses to international students who want to broaden their horizons by studying in Italy or abroad. All the programs are enriched with a dense mixture of social and cultural activities. The courses are available at various price points, locations, and levels of difficulty.

An overview of all the available courses, as well as all of the necessary details, are available at the summer school's official website.

Off the Beaten Track summer school (Malta)

The Off the Beaten Track summer field school is held annually on the islet of Gozo, one of the three inhabited islands of the Maltese Archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean. The program offers a unique opportunity to acquire 'in the field' experience. The islands present a balance of past and present: rural Mediterranean traditions intersect with foreign influence in small fishing villages. At the crossroads of maritime routes between Europe, Africa and Asia, Malta has always been strategically important, and thus many influences have contributed to the Maltese and Gozitan culture. Possible topics for field research abound, especially within anthropology of food, tourism, gender, architecture, and religion.

Cultural Anthropology Summer School: The program offers both budding anthropologists and more advanced scholars a valuable opportunity to do ethnographic and anthropological research. The dates for the summer school are as follows: June 5 - June 24 | July 2 - July 21 | July 29 - August 17. The price of the course is 3,250.00 euros (payment plans are possible on request). This fee includes: accommodation during the session, tuition, all training activities, food; it does not include transporation costs.

Gender and Culture Summer School: This thematic unit aims to collectively unpack the concept of gender by exploring the possibilities, limits and positionalities that arise from ethnographic fieldwork on gender- related topics on the islet of Gozo (Malta). Tailor-made exercises and discussions will support you during 3 weeks of fieldwork about a gender-related topic of your choice, while you will also take part in building a safe space where gender-issues can be shared and reflected upon. The dates for the summer school are as follows: June 5 - June 24 | July 2 - July 21 | July 29 - August 17. The price of the course is 3,250.00 euros (payment plans are possible on request).

More information can be found on the official Off the Beaten Track website.

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